Leapfrog Live Heavyweights: The Aftermath

If you missed Leapfrog Live: Heavyweights or you just want to watch it again because it's so damn BIG you have to watch it twice, simply follow the link below:


THIS EVENT WAS SO BIG! Big Callux hired one of Camp Leapfrog's original campers, Rhonda, to come and reinforce the ring.

Even with all of Rhonda's reinforcements to the Camp Leapfrog ring, The competitors of this Heavyweights show proved to still be too damn BIG for it to handle... The following tweet depicts the aftermath of Leapfrog Live: Heavyweights

The show starts off With Big Callux in the ring announcing the first match to determine who is the "Hossiest" in this Four Corner Tag Team Match where we see:

Ron Voyage & Trajan Horn defeat Dan Champion & Rex Lawless and The Boar & Tim Donst and Tyrant (Greywolf Raventhorne & WarWulf Kreed)

After we see The Big Bad Booty Daddies deemed the "Hossiest", Abbs enters the ring in search of the person that stole his lunch, issuing an open challenge of a Superlibre match to whoever stole his lunch meats and cheeses...unfortunately for Abbs, the culprit was none other than Big F'n Vinny!!!

In this Superlibre Match: Big F'n Vinny defeats ABBS (w/Abby Jane)

Next to enter the ring and grab the mic was Travis Huckabee, who would inform us that his scheduled opponent, Cole Radrick, could not make it due to "car trouble". Huckabee would go on to explain that he would now get to wrestle someone that he has wanted to wrestle for a very long time, that person is none other than The Liberator of Luch(Ant) Libre, Camp Leapfrogs beloved Green Ant!!! We would see a lot of great technical and Lucha styles in this exhibition of "Hosslets". Travis Huckabee would end up defeating Green Ant in this Singles Match at Leapfrog Live: Heavyweights.

In the match that follows, we bore witness to a true display of brute strength between "The master of Himbo Style" Max ZERO and "The #1 Head Busta" Devantes. These two hosses really leave it all in the ring, blow for blow, slam for slam, Max ZERO meets Devantes at every turn. Since being unmasked in March at Leapfrog Live: Campers Choice, We have been learning so much about the new Max and just how bright he shines as he goes on to win this Singles Match, defeating Devantes.

Next, resident conspiracy theorist, Francis Wright, popped into the ring to declare that BIG CALLUX and Big Daddy Government were conspiring to keep him and his message off of the show! Like Abbs, we see our second open challenge of the night issued by Francis. This challenge would quickly be answered by, Hoodfoot, who was already scheduled to be in a match against Mr. Darius Carter. Like a classic scene from Cartoon Networks Regular Show, we see a bit of HAMBONING!!!!

Francis, having been exposed to too many UV rays was quickly burned by this game. Francis and his message were then fact-checked and debunked by Hoodfoot who would go on to win this impromptu match-up.

Mr. Darius Carter would spare no time in making his introduction. Darius would start to antagonize Hoodfoot before even entering the ring, already playing those masterful mind games. Hoodfoot isn't shaken in the least and is ready to meet Darius head-on and throw down, and throw down they did. The following tweet by one of our sponsors (@tornadotagpod) pretty much sums it up:

"It takes a strong man to knock Darius Carter on his ass but it takes an even stronger man to beat him"

The following match would be a fun-filled Atomicos Increiblé, a match that split typical tag teams right down the middle, pitting partner against partner. Team of The Runway, The Mane Event, The Shinobi Shadow Squad, and Yokai would all enter together. these teams were then split into 2 four-person teams that consisted of the following: Tyler Klein, Jay Lyon, Ryan Mooney, and Yoya vs. Calvin Couture, Midas Black, World Famous CB, and Janai Kai. Before I go any further I should explain that BIG CALLUX made it clear prior to the show that Competitors should wear crop tops, Tyler Klein of The Runway kindly supplied his team with some crop tops

I think we can all agree that Yoya is in fact "2 CUTE 2 GIVE AF". This match was very fast-paced and entertaining with all competitors giving it their all. each team was made up of both good guys and your classic bad guys, so it really made it tough to pick a side... I just rooted for all involved.

Even though I rooted for everyone, only one team could win this Eight-Man Tag Team Match, and that would end up being the team of Jay Lyon, Ryan Mooney, Tyler Klein & Yoya!

Next up on this Camp Leapfrog card would be the first-ever Frogsport Rules Match outside of the Frogsport Tournament! An eagle majestically flies over the ring to signify the start of this brutal bout between "Weapon X" Matt Makowski and the challenger sent by Thunderfrog, Akira!

It would be a tough back and forth battle, Akira got busted open during the match causing this to be a bloody Frogsport Rules Match that ultimately would be won by the Namesake of the Frogsport Tournament, Matt Makowski!

Finally, we make it to the BIG Main Event!!!


A BIG battle would ensue between these two Kaiju size Heavyweights. Doors broken, bodies slammed, and a ring nearly collapsed!!! Max The Impaler would come to defeat the show's title Heavyweight, BIG CALLUX. win or loss, both competitors stood in the middle of the ring, with a BIG, no HUGE show of respect for each other, the two shook hands. this seems like a good note to end the show on, But no, The Camp Athletic Commission had something else in mind as Dr. Ethan Wild, Inspector Johnny Moran, and Intern Kevin Skiffington enter the ring attempting to attack BIG CALLUX and Max The Impaler. This was a poorly thought-out plan however because the group walked right into a triple chokeslam via our 2 Heavyweight hero's!!!

Finally, we are met with the commentary team of Saber Dorado and Phil Stamper who have a special announcement regarding the June Camp Leapfrog show, the pair are interrupted by Killian McMurphy and Big Dust who declare that the June Camp Leapfrog show would welcome us to The Gooniverse, The darkest timeline, KILLIAN-VISION!!!

If you missed Leapfrog Live: Heavyweights or you just want to watch it again because it's so damn BIG you have to watch it twice, simply follow the link below:


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