Heavyweights, Weenie Weights Atomicos Increibles!!!

BIG CALLUX wants to cause tension, doesn't he?

4 teams:
Tyler Klein (@Tboy_TylerKlein) / Calvin Couture (@calvin_couture) "The Runway"
Ryan Nova / World Famous CB (@CheeseburgerROH) "Shinobi Shadow Squad"
Janai Kai (@Janai_Kai) / Yoya (@theonlyoya) "Yokai"
Midas Black (@RingleaderM) / Jay Lyon (@Blazin_Lyon) "The Mane Event"

Each team will be divided and forced to fight each other in the form of an atomicos!


Sponsored by: Tornado Tag Podcast (@TornadoTagPod) and The Bald Monkeys Wrestling Podcast (@TheBaldMonkeys)