World Famous CB and Camp Leapfrog Are Coming To The Legends of Hamburg Fanfest!!!

Howdy Campers!

Camp Leapfrog is taking a field trip to Legends of Hamburg - The Pro Wrestling FanFest on July 24th!!!

Available for meet and greets, autographs and photo ops from 10am-4pm will be one of your favorite campers and Ring of Honor legend, World Famous CB fka Cheeseburger! (@CheeseburgerROH)

CB has wrestled all around the world, from Madison Square Garden all the way to The Tokyo Dome! CB is a trainer and mentor to most of the Camp Leapfrog roster via the World Wide Dojo in Bristol, PA. You can watch The World Famous CB and all of our great content at Camp Leapfrog on IWTV!

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Keep on the lookout for more legends of Hamburg Fanfest announcements regarding Camp Leapfrog, The HTW Network, and the Tornado Tag Podcast (@tornadotagpod) in the coming weeks!!!

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